A benchmark
Who we are

NUTRIVA was founded in 2005. The NUTRIVA brand is the result of combining the concepts of Nutrition and Life, factors that guided its creation and that guide your daily life.

By combining strict manufacturing processes, suitable modern technology, a careful selection of all the ingredients, using quick-freezing and drawing on traditional recipes, the quality of our products and the essence of the essential flavours for a balanced diet are assured.

NUTRIVA counts on the dedication of a dynamic and competent team, focused on finding the best solution for each of its customers, which has made the company a benchmark in its sector.

Quality, Service, and Innovation are essential values. This is the only way to meet the needs, expectations and requirements of our partners on this road to success.

Our range of products comprises a wide range of dough’s, shapes and sizes of bread, pastries, savouries and desserts. NUTRIVA operates in the domestic and foreign markets and constantly seeks to adapt its products to the specific needs of each market.


NUTRIVA has an across-the-board product range and it is geared towards meeting the needs of the traditional distribution channel, bakeries and “hot spots” and modern distributors, such as hypermarkets and supermarkets and the HORECA channel.

Traditional Recipe
Our Products

NUTRIVA’s factory in Vila Nova de Poiares is equipped and prepared for producing all the products in our range, maintaining high quality and control standards.

The logistical and administrative centre of NUTRIVA is located in Coimbra, in a factory with a storage capacity of 700 pallets. Our fleet can transport and distribute frozen foods to supply our entire network of clients.