16 June , 2021

Nutriva, a company producing and distributing deep-frozen food products, selected three sets of products dedicated to different market segments.

The first aims to deliver essential goods, such as soup, bread, bread, meals, desserts and ice cream, to families who are at home due to the pandemic. Distribution covers the regions of Coimbra, Porto and Lisbon, delivery is free and the minimum order value is 20 euros. For purchases of 40 euros or more, the customer is offered a thermal bag.

In solidarity with the geriatric sector in Portugal, Nutriva has created a set of ultra-frozen products for nursing homes, day centres, IPSS’s and Misericórdias, offering products for breakfast/snacks, lunch/dinner and desserts. It is an alternative to self-confection, as it is only necessary to defrost, heat and serve users, thus avoiding the gathering of people in industrial kitchens. Deliveries take place throughout the country, except islands.

Likewise, Nutriva has assembled a set of products for health professionals, firefighters and security forces who are acting at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19. This food kit is intended for lunch/dinner meals, individual desserts, individual ice cream and snacks. You just have to defrost, heat and eat. Deliveries are free on orders equal to or greater than 20 euros in the regions of Coimbra, Porto and Lisbon, every day of the week, including weekends.

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